Ava’s Smile Transformation Just Halfway Through Her Invisalign Teen Treatment!


Our twelve-year-old patient, Ava, is wearing Invisalign Teen® and has agreed to share her treatment journey at Spillers Orthodontics with you. Ava, a budding actress, was thrilled to learn she could straighten her teeth in less time and without anyone ever knowing by choosing Invisalign Teen over traditional braces.

Here’s an update on Ava’s progress after just six months of Invisalign Teen treatment.

Bye Bye Crossbites

Ava’s crossbites have been corrected in only six months. A crossbite is when one or more teeth of one arch fall inside the teeth of the opposing arch. Left untreated, a crossbite can cause several undesirable conditions including assymetrical growth of face and jaws, TMJ disorder, loose teeth, receding gums and excessive wear on enamel. Please watch the accompanying video to see Ava’s crossbite correction.

Better Tooth Alignment

The overall alignment of Ava’s teeth is much better. Not only is her smile more attractive, but her mouth functions better as a whole. Food can be chewed properly. She can pronounce words better when speaking. It’s easier to brush, floss and maintain good oral hygiene.

Ava’s dentist is thrilled with the results she’s experienced after only six months of Invisalign Teen treatment, and so are we!

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