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The Difference Between Braces for Kids & Braces for Adults

  Let’s bust a widely-accepted belief right here, right now. Braces are only for kids or teenagers? INCORRECT! Braces are for kids, teenagers, adolescents, young adults and adults! Braces are for anyone who wishes to smile brighter with a healthy, straight alignment of teeth. Here’s how: Braces for Adults and Kids! Orthodontic treatments are no longer restricted… Read more »

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Effects of Diet Soda on Your Teeth

  Have you ever noticed that gritty feeling on your teeth after you take a sip of soda, whether it be diet, sugar-free or regular? This feeling stems from the highly acidic ingredients present in all forms of soda. It’s not a secret that soda has negative effects on not only your physical health, but… Read more »

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5 Ways To Get Your Kids To Floss

  Convincing your child to commit to any task that doesn’t include an immediate reward is undoubtedly a task in itself! Flossing is a habit that you and your child should begin as soon as his or her teeth begin to erupt. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to teach your child how to floss… Read more »

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4 Signs You Need Orthodontics

  In some cases, it’s simple to tell if you need orthodontic treatment. Say your bottom teeth are crowding in the front, or your top teeth have a gap that’s causing a speech impediment. Maybe your child’s baby teeth are shedding, and his or her adult teeth are growing noticeably out of alignment. In these… Read more »