Why Our Patients Love Digital Impressions

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If you’ve visited Spillers Orthodontics recently, you know that we’re all about digital technology. Our office utilizes 3D digital X-ray, 3D imaging, 3D printing and intraoral scanning. Intraoral scanning is especially appealing to our patients. It eliminates the need for tray and putty impressions that so many patients dislike and creates a more comfortable, relaxing… Read more »

Mouth Guards Are a Must!

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Many students love playing sports, and parents enjoy watching their children on the field or court. But the fun stops once a mouth injury occurs. Help keep your children safe all year long by reminding them to wear a mouth guard during every practice and every sporting event! Mouth guards prevent more than 200,000 injuries… Read more »

Dr. Spillers to Teach About Invisalign®

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Spillers Orthodontics is proud to announce some exciting news about our very own Dr. Don Spillers! Align Technology, Inc., the very same company that makes Invisalign® clear aligners, has recently added Dr. Spillers to its teaching staff. Dr. Spillers began using Invisalign to treat smiles in 1999. Since then, he has treated over 1,800 patients… Read more »

Ava’s Smile Transformation Just Halfway Through Her Invisalign Teen Treatment!

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  Our twelve-year-old patient, Ava, is wearing Invisalign Teen® and has agreed to share her treatment journey at Spillers Orthodontics with you. Ava, a budding actress, was thrilled to learn she could straighten her teeth in less time and without anyone ever knowing by choosing Invisalign Teen over traditional braces. Here’s an update on Ava’s… Read more »

Welcoming Patients with Exceptionalities

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While visiting a doctor’s office may provoke anxiety in anyone, it can be especially scary for patients with exceptionalities. Knowing this, the team at Spillers Orthodontics goes the extra mile to make these patients feel comfortable so they can get the treatment they need. Our staff uses Americans with Disabilities training yearly to help us… Read more »