Clear Aligners: The Ideal Orthodontic Treatment for Student Athletes

You’re a pro at parenting, because you understand the art of multitasking.

Knocking out two birds with one stone is your specialty. That’s why clear aligners are the ideal option for your student athlete. Clear aligners and Invisalign® aligners straighten your child’s teeth while he or she plays team sports.

We don’t have to tell you how important your child’s dental health is, but what you might not know is which specific dental treatment (clear aligners, Invisalign® First aligners, or traditional braces) is best suited for your child.

Metal Braces or Clear Aligners for Kids in Sports?

Though metal braces are equally as effective as clear aligners such as Invisalign® aligners, metal brackets and wires have a higher risk of causing damage to the inside of your child’s mouth during sports practices and games.

With metal braces, any impact to the face can cause painful mouth-to-brace contact, such as wires popping out of place or brackets falling off. Teammates and other players could be harmed by a mouthful of braces hammering down on their shoulder during an intense basketball steal. Clear aligners provide a safe alternative for student athletes to focus on their game without the worry of harming themselves or other players.

Are there clear aligners for young athletes?

Yes! Now, even the youngest athletes have a safe option for correcting misalignments, crowded teeth and other dental issues before they emerge too! Invisalign® First aligners are customized for growing mouths with a mixture of baby teeth and adult teeth. These aligners provide the proper mold for your child’s teeth to grow with a strong foundation while playing sports. (Promoting physical health and dental health simultaneously- score for multitasking mom and dad!)

Plus, fast forward to team photos during your child’s sports season. Your student athlete of any age will thank you for choosing Invisalign® aligners or clear aligners instead of distracting metal braces.

Regardless of the form of orthodontic treatment chosen for your student athlete, it’s important that your child’s mouth and teeth are protected during contact sports.

Sending your student athlete to practices and games with a mouthguard can prevent dental emergencies from happening to your child and damage from happening to other players. (Teeth can do some damage when they’re zooming toward a goal!)

So, what are the advantages or Clear Aligners for student athletes?

● Protect the mouth from injuries upon impact
● Protect others from injury upon impact
● Removable for convenience
● Discrete for appearance
● Support healthy dental formation in mouths of all ages

If you’re interested in finding out more about Invisalign® and clear aligners, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Request an appointment at one of our locations in Warner Robins and Macon today to discuss the best plan of action for your student athlete.