How to Switch Orthodontists During Treatment

There may come a time during your orthodontic treatment when you need to relocate, and thus continue treatment at a different orthodontic office. Our office sees this situation fairly often since we’re in a military community, and changing orthodontists is not as difficult as you may think. Spillers Orthodontics works with patients who are transferring in to continue treatment with us or transferring out due to relocation, to make it seamless and easy for them.

Transferring to a New Orthodontist

The first step to transferring in as a patient to Spillers Orthodontics is to settle matters with your current orthodontist. Please notify them that you will be changing orthodontists as soon as you know and request your orthodontic records from them. Hopefully, they will provide you with an American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) transfer form that has all the information we need for you. Keep in mind that most orthodontic practices have a protocol they use to help those patients who move during treatment.

During the process of acquiring records from your current orthodontist, call Spillers Orthodontics at 478-953-2700 to schedule a complimentary new patient exam at our Warner Robins or Macon location. Be sure to tell us that you are transferring from another orthodontic office.

Transferring Out of Our Office

Patients who are transferring out need to let us know about their plans to move as soon as possible. We will schedule the patient for an appointment to get photos and X-rays so we have an accurate record of where they are in treatment when they transfer. It is very important that we have these records to communicate effectively with the next office about continuing your care.

Spillers Orthodontics will then complete an American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) transfer form that has all the information about your treatment that your new orthodontist will need.

Spillers Orthodontics never penalizes patients for transferring to another orthodontist. We do not charge an exit fee like some offices, but we have no control over how the orthodontist you are transferring to handles his or her fees. At Spillers Orthodontics, we only charge patients for the amount of treatment that has been completed up to the time they transfer. For example, if a patient pays us in full at the beginning of treatment and then needs to transfer out to continue care elsewhere, we will owe them a refund for the treatment they paid for that hasn’t been completed. If a patient pays a down payment and makes low monthly payments that extend past the time their treatment will finish, they will likely owe us money. We use a tried and true formula that has worked very well for 24 years.

Although transferring during orthodontic treatment may seem like a daunting task. You now have the information you need to be a more informed patient!

A Special Note for Military Families

If you’re a new resident looking to transfer to an orthodontist near Robins Air Force Base, call us at 478-953-2700 today! We have extensive experience treating military families and will make the process of changing orthodontists as smooth as possible.