5 ways to prepare before getting braces

Braces are life changing! After braces, your teeth will never go back to their pre-braces condition (as long as you wear your retainer, that is). Your smile is changed forever! This is extremely exciting, but it does leave room for a few questions. How can you prepare yourself before this life-changing treatment? Come to your […]

How to see the best results with clear braces

  Now that you decided on a type of clear braces, whether they’re ceramic braces or Invisalign® aligners, you’re probably super eager to begin your treatment. Just like anything else you try for the first time, you may have some initial questions and concerns. If you’re wondering how to maintain the transparency of your clear […]

Why Should I Go To An Experienced Orthodontist Over a Dentist for Braces?

  If you don’t have a true understanding of the differences between orthodontic care and general dental care, you may believe these professionals are interchangeable. When it comes to braces or aligner treatments, orthodontists are highly trained with intensive experience. Orthodontists do much more work behind your smile than you may think!   Educational Background […]

When Should My Child Go To the Orthodontist?

  “No, you cannot wear makeup to school. You’re not old enough yet.” “No, you cannot go to Jeremy’s party. Ask me again in 3 years.”   Sound familiar? Children grow up quickly! They’re eager to step into the unknown world of adultness and everything maturity has to offer. As a parent, this can be […]

How does Invisalign® work?

The odds of winning the lottery tomorrow? 175,000,000 to 1. (But still possible.) The odds of receiving a crash course on the ins and outs of clear aligners and Invisalign® aligners right here, right now? 100% in your favor. You’ve probably heard of clear aligners and Invisalign® aligners, but maybe you haven’t heard enough yet. […]