Couldn’t be happier!

They exceeded my expectations; my overall experience was great.

- Sarah H. 

Warner Robins, GA

Friendly staff!

The customer service is unparalleled to anything you have ever experienced.

- Sheldon H. 

Bonaire, GA

Best options for my children!

This is the only place I would recommend… I love this office.

- Elaine M.

Montezuma, GA

My family loves Dr. Spillers!

I get the most compliments about my smile and I tell them I owe it all to Spillers Orthodontics!

- Ieisha G. 

Eastman, GA

My teeth are now perfect!

Hey, my name is Sarah Clark. I’m in my mid-30s and went back about a year and a half ago to get consults from a few different orthodontic offices to compare the quality of the faculty, friendliness of the staff, and whether I was a candidate for Invisalign. Spillers Orthodontics was the only one to meet all these requirements with many more additional perks! My teeth are now perfect and straight teeth are so important to me, especially being out in public all day, every day for my career. So glad I chose to partner with Spillers and now consider them my family and not just my orthodontic office!

- Sarah C.

Centerville, GA


Theresa Ashley Google profile image

Theresa Ashley

The staff was very professional and courteous. They're taking very safe precautions with their patients during this time of the pandemic. Dr. Spiller and his staff explains every process of what has to be done. They give you the opportunity to ask questions. I would recommend anyone that has to see an Orthodontist to get a referral to Spillers Orthodontist.😄

Donna Butler Google profile image

Donna Butler

Friendly, caring staff that are good with children. Beautifully designed building. Patient chairs face a large window that you can bird watch from. Enjoying the Invisalign option.Treats when you're finished with your appointment. Always offer you an appointment reminder and school excuse.

Deanne Young Google profile image

Deanne Young

Very thorough explanations on all my questions. Instead of ordering me a new upper retainer they were able to fix the one I had. This saved me quite a bit of money.

Jessica Bischof Google profile image

Jessica Bischof

I was impressed with Spillers Orthodontics. Their office was clean and bright. Their staff was kind and knowledgeable. Dr. Gordon took the time needed to explain all aspects of the treatment needed and made sure to answer all of my questions. Dr. Spillers came in to introduce himself before the consultation was completed and again made sure I didn't have any additional questions. I would highly recommend this office to anyone.

Tawnna Williams Google profile image

Tawnna Williams

Great People!!! Great service!! We took our daughter to Dr. Duval’s office in Warner Robins. Whom we never seen, to get braces for extremely crowded teeth. During our visit she received braces from medical students. That went horribly wrong. They installed braces on her teeth. She had 8 extra teeth in her mouth.They told us it would 8years to get her mouth fixed. After being bullied for years about her mouth, I was feed up and referred to Spillers Orthodontist. WE LOVE IT HERE Mrs Shannon just needs to relax a little more she seems paranoid. The Dr was very helpful and gave good hope on getting her mouth straightened out in two years tops. Today she’s being fitted for her Invisalign. I do recommend that Parents are able to go in with their kids under 16 regardless of covid19 though it’s scary sometimes.🤷🏽‍♀️

Kasey Calhoun Google profile image

Kasey Calhoun

We've been using Dr. Spillers for almost a year after a referral from our dentist. From the first visit appointment, I was blown away with the technology used to provide my son and I with virtual images to show what the future of his teeth held with braces vs. aligners. The staff worked with us to decide the best choice of action. Dr. Spillers and his team are always welcoming and eager to see the changes that have been made with my son and his adventure with Invisalign.

Gerald January Google profile image

Gerald January

This was my first visit at Spillers Orthodontics and I had a great experience! Everyone was extremely nice and carried themselves very well. They’re also taking the Covid 19 pandemic with high precaution so I felt very safe and comfortable while being there.

Virginia Holloway Google profile image

Virginia Holloway

As an adult, I decided to get braces. My teeth had moved and my bite was incorrect. The results are more than I expected. My teeth look incredible and my bite is so much better. Never realized how much correcting my bite would make. If you are unsure if you should correct your teeth or an incorrect bite, you need to. And go to Spillers Orthodontics. They are professional, answers all your questions, and very patient. Can't say enough about the doctors and staff. I think they are just awesome!

Yolanda Gilbert Google profile image

Yolanda Gilbert

The staff of Spillers were absolutely outstanding! They were extremely pleasant with a wealth of knowledge. I would definitely recommend this facility if you are in search for a great orthodontic office!!!

Amber Tess Pate Google profile image

Amber Tess Pate

Always professional and friendly!! They are very accommodating. I would recommend Spillers to anyone and everyone in need of orthodontics.