Couldn’t be happier!

They exceeded my expectations; my overall experience was great.

- Sarah H. 

Warner Robins, GA

Friendly staff!

The customer service is unparalleled to anything you have ever experienced.

- Sheldon H. 

Bonaire, GA

Best options for my children!

This is the only place I would recommend… I love this office.

- Elaine M.

Montezuma, GA

My family loves Dr. Spillers!

I get the most compliments about my smile and I tell them I owe it all to Spillers Orthodontics!

- Ieisha G. 

Eastman, GA

My teeth are now perfect!

Hey, my name is Sarah Clark. I’m in my mid-30s and went back about a year and a half ago to get consults from a few different orthodontic offices to compare the quality of the faculty, friendliness of the staff, and whether I was a candidate for Invisalign. Spillers Orthodontics was the only one to meet all these requirements with many more additional perks! My teeth are now perfect and straight teeth are so important to me, especially being out in public all day, every day for my career. So glad I chose to partner with Spillers and now consider them my family and not just my orthodontic office!

- Sarah C.

Centerville, GA


Jessica Bischof Google profile image

Jessica Bischof

I was impressed with Spillers Orthodontics. Their office was clean and bright. Their staff was kind and knowledgeable. Dr. Gordon took the time needed to explain all aspects of the treatment needed and made sure to answer all of my questions. Dr. Spillers came in to introduce himself before the consultation was completed and again made sure I didn't have any additional questions. I would highly recommend this office to anyone.

Sabrina Tanner Google profile image

Sabrina Tanner

We love Dr. Spillers and Spillers Orthodontics! They are so kind, helpful, efficient, and have the most cutting-edge technology! We drove about 2 hours one way to see Dr. Spillers and his wonderful staff. My son and I have finished our Invisalign treatments and my daughter should be done in the next six weeks. We could not be happier with the results or asked for a better experience! Thank you, Spillers Orthodontics!

Paulina Ashley Google profile image

Paulina Ashley

Yesterday was my first appointment and Amanda took good care of me! To say she’s only been there for 7 months she’s amazing! I’m requesting her for my next appointment!

Brittany Ffrench-McMillan Google profile image

Brittany Ffrench-McMillan

I had a great experience with Dr. Spillers & Amanda. I have been wanting to complete my orthodontic procedure and shopped around for the best deals and most knowledgeable team. Dr. Spillers gave me more information than I had. Not only did he educate me on what was best for my situation, I was not pushed or forced to make any decisions I didn’t want to. A huge plus for me too was how cost efficient it is, the high tech machines they use, and the clean environment.

Kenyatta Brown Google profile image

Kenyatta Brown

I used Spillers Orthodontics some time ago and he was great! Now my oldest daughter is receiving the same, wonderful professionalism. Great team!

Linsey Redmond Google profile image

Linsey Redmond

Our first appointment was amazing! The staff is so nice and made my son feel comfortable. They explained everything very thoroughly, I was highly impressed when we left!

Soutz Me Google profile image

Soutz Me

When one of my sons needed orthodontic care, my dentist highly recommended Spillers Orthodontics. Thank goodness I took her advice! Although it’s years later, I am glad that Spillers Orthodontics built a beautiful new office in Macon. I know Dr. Spillers, Dr. Gordon and their team will continue to provide the best patient experience and results.

Kenyetta Rumph Google profile image

Kenyetta Rumph

I absolutely love this office!! Dr. Gordon is so kind. The doctor and the staff makes me feel very comfortable and they address all of my concerns. The office is beautiful and extremely clean. I am glad i chose this office to start my invisalign journey. I have no complaints!!

Kevin Hunt Google profile image

Kevin Hunt

A few years ago Spillers Orthodontics donated approximately 100 Toothbrushes and Toothpaste samples to support the Georgia College's Health Science study abroad program and our dental hygiene workshops in rural Belize: providing many children with adequate dental supplies for the first time in their lives. Thank You Spillers Orthodontics for your contribution. We could not conduct our program without supporters like yourselves.

Shelby Hall Google profile image

Shelby Hall

From the moment we walked in everyone was so kind, caring , and compassionate. My eight year old was the patient and they answered questions thoroughly and spoke in a way that she understood but didn’t make her feel like a baby. Amanda was wonderful. We had a great experience. My daughter is now looking forward to receiving her appliance and we all enjoyed delicious chocolate chip cookies at the end.