The Cost of Invisalign® versus Traditional Braces

Braces vs. Invisalign

Are you looking at options for straightening your teeth? Invisalign® clear aligners are a revolutionary treatment that can straighten your teeth and correct your bite covertly, without metal brackets and wires. Many people who never considered braces before are now choosing Invisalign, but cost is often a concern. So, how much does Invisalign cost compared to traditional braces?

In most orthodontic offices, Invisalign is priced a bit higher than traditional braces. Invisalign treatment costs between $3,500 and $8,000, according to the manufacturer. Traditional braces typically run between $3,000 and $7,000. Both costs vary depending on the individual’s needs. However, at Spillers Orthodontics, the price of Invisalign is so close to that of braces that cost doesn’t even affect most people’s choice. In a lot of cases, the cost for either treatment at our office is exactly the same.

Invisalign treatment has a few advantages that set it apart from traditional braces as well. The aligners are practically invisible, so you won’t have anything to be self-conscious about with your smile. Additionally, they are removable, which means you can eat whatever you want and brushing your teeth well is a non-issue. With Invisalign, you won’t need to visit our office as often as a patient with braces. There are no adjustment appointments required, and no emergency appointments for issues with brackets and wires. You will just come in every ten weeks to pick up your next sets of aligners and make sure your teeth are moving correctly. Lastly, Invisalign can deliver the same great results as braces in a shorter amount of time. Treatment time can sometimes be cut in half.

Ultimately, you and Dr. Spillers or Dr. Gordon will decide which treatment option is best for you. For many people, the advantages of Invisalign outweigh those of braces. And some people who think they may not be candidates for Invisalign are. Dr. Spillers and Dr. Gordon are able to treat some of the most complicated cases with Invisalign. We will help you decide what treatment is best for you when you come to our offices in Warner Robins or Macon, Georgia.

For more information about Invisalign, or to schedule a complimentary evaluation, call Spillers Orthodontics at 478-953-2700 today. We look forward to helping you achieve a beautiful, straight smile.