The Difference Between Braces for Kids & Braces for Adults


Let’s bust a widely-accepted belief right here, right now.

Braces are only for kids or teenagers? INCORRECT!

Braces are for kids, teenagers, adolescents, young adults and adults! Braces are for anyone who wishes to smile brighter with a healthy, straight alignment of teeth.

Here’s how:

Braces for Adults and Kids!

Orthodontic treatments are no longer restricted to traditional braces with metal brackets and wires. At Spillers Orthodontics, we offer a variety of orthodontic treatments to match our patients’ varying lifestyles and preferences.

With different forms of clear aligners and metal braces, we have an orthodontic treatment that aligns with your goals.

Adult Braces

We often see adult patients who request an invisible form of braces. Many adults don’t want to wear a noticeable orthodontic treatment during professional commitments (such as meetings, speeches or public events). To accommodate our patients’ preference for a clear orthodontic treatment, we offer Invisalign® and various forms of clear aligners!

Or, maybe you enjoy the look of metal braces; it’s entirely up to you! With advances in technology and materials, metal braces are now smaller, more comfortable and more attractive than ever before. Your choice of braces is not limited to your age, but to your preferences.

Kids Braces

Unlike many orthodontist offices, Spillers Orthodontics provides Invisalign® First, braces for kids with growing mouths! Invisalign First is the ideal treatment for younger patients with emerging dental problems. Our orthodontists are able to reverse the damage from poor habits (like thumbsucking) before damage has stabilized with permanent teeth. Not only is this treatment more aesthetically pleasing, but it’s removable, comfortable and optimal for young patients with a mix of ‘baby’ teeth and ‘adult’ teeth.

As permanent teeth settle, kids become preteens, and their options with orthodontic treatment expand! Metal braces or Invisalign for Teens are available for younger patients who have the majority of their permanent teeth in place.

Customized Braces Treatment Plans

Regardless of the form of braces you choose as an adult or a kid, we create a personalized treatment plan just for you. Because a form of braces is available for patients at any age, customized treatment plans are the main variable in orthodontic treatments. Depending on your specific orthodontic condition, your ratio of ‘baby’ teeth to ‘adult’ teeth, your goals and your lifestyle, we create a treatment plan that accommodates your condition while strategically shifting your teeth toward your goal smile.

If you, a family member or a friend is interested in braces, we have options! With numerous treatments, we provide a variety in orthodontics for adults, teens and children. 

If you are seeking a local orthodontist in Macon, a local orthodontist in Warner Robins, or treatment options with Invisalign®, in Warner Robins or Macon, Georgia, we have appointments available for you!

As Diamond Plus Invisalign Providers, we are proud to be the most experienced Invisalign® providers in Georgia.

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