Welcoming Patients with Exceptionalities

While visiting a doctor’s office may provoke anxiety in anyone, it can be especially scary for patients with exceptionalities. Knowing this, the team at Spillers Orthodontics goes the extra mile to make these patients feel comfortable so they can get the treatment they need. Our staff uses Americans with Disabilities training yearly to help us handle any unique challenges we may encounter.

The first step for treating an exceptional patient is awareness of his or her condition. Our new patient forms ask for information about any psychological or special needs a patient may have. We read each patient’s health history before seeing them. It’s also helpful for parents to make us aware of any challenges their child may face when scheduling the new patient appointment and let us know what we can do to help.

If need be, our office offers Meet and Greet Appointments. On this first visit, instead of getting X-rays or any work done, the patient just comes to spend some time in the office and get familiar with us. He or she can stop in for a special treat (a cookie or slushy), take a tour of the office, meet the doctors and spend time in the game room. The goal is to make them comfortable and earn their trust.

Patients often have misconceptions about orthodontic care that need to be corrected. Some think we may pull their teeth or give them a shot and are comforted to know that we will never do these things in our office. If a patient needs to watch us put an appliance in another patient’s mouth or treat another patient with the same treatment that’s recommended for them, they may do so with permission from the patient being treated. This can help relieve anxiety and fear of the unknown.

Spillers Orthodontics works hard to remove any obstacles that may get in the way of receiving great orthodontic care. We want each patient who walks through the door to feel welcome and comfortable. Coming to our office shouldn’t be a scary experience. It should always be an experience you and your child look forward to.