When Should My Child Go To the Orthodontist?


“No, you cannot wear makeup to school. You’re not old enough yet.”

“No, you cannot go to Jeremy’s party. Ask me again in 3 years.”


Sound familiar?

Children grow up quickly! They’re eager to step into the unknown world of adultness and everything maturity has to offer. As a parent, this can be unsettling- and we understand that!

For the sake of your sanity as a parent, you probably encourage (or even enforce) your child to act his or her age. When it comes to your child’s orthodontic health, it’s never too early to begin assessing the condition of their teeth and jawbone structure.


Early Detection

Children who suck their thumbs often have speech difficulties or have crowded teeth and should be brought to our orthodontists for assessment. Early detection of dental issues could save your child from enduring further orthodontic treatments and from problematic conditions progressing to the point of required surgery. (Also, the money you’ll save by intervening early is a major plus.)


First Orthodontist Appointment

We recommend bringing your child in for their first orthodontist appointment by age 7, or earlier if you have concerns. This may sound young, but it’s imperative for early detection of proper skeletal growth. It’s our promise to never suggest unnecessary treatments.

We only get one chance to change bone growth patterns as your child grows.
At the young age of 7, children begin to shed their baby teeth as their mouths make room for adult teeth to develop. Though your child’s teeth may appear “normal” for a young, growing mouth, our professional orthodontists are trained to identify emerging bite issues and emerging alignment issues that could undoubtedly pose a problem in the near future.



If we identify a problematic dental condition at your child’s visit, we will suggest a custom treatment to create a healthy foundation for a set of permanent teeth to develop. We offer a very effective treatment, Invisalign® First clear aligners, for young patients with a mixed dentition of baby teeth and adult teeth. These Invisalign® First clear aligners will correct misalignments and crowding in your child’s teeth (while straightening them) before problems progress.

Following a treatment or checkup, your child will visit our orthodontists regularly to ensure progress in their dental condition and to continue guiding their smile down the straight and narrow. Further visits to the orthodontist will happen on an as-needed basis depending on your child’s unique condition.

When you consider the value of your child wearing a confident, bright and healthy smile for their lifetime, orthodontic care becomes invaluable.

Detecting dental issues early and remaining up-to-date on your child’s orthodontic health is key.


If you’re interested in learning more about your child’s orthodontic needs, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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