Your Top 5 Invisalign Questions Answered


Although we offer multiple types of braces, Invisalign® is the preferred orthodontic treatment for many of our patients! However, some people are wary about Invisalign for fear of the unknown. Below, we address the top five questions patients in our office have regarding Invisalign treatment.


1. “What if I lose my Invisalign trays?”

You may indeed lose a set or two of aligners. No one does this intentionally. What if you leave them in a napkin on the lunchroom table and they are thrown away? This is a valid concern. Spillers Orthodontics is aware that this may happen. If you lose a set of aligners, you can simply proceed to the next set and wear them for two weeks instead of one. The movement that each set of aligners produces is so minimal that this will not affect your treatment. Another saving grace is that we can order replacement aligners at no charge if you lose multiple sets.


2. “What if I’m bad at wearing Invisalign every day?”

Invisalign treatment requires the patient to make a commitment to wear their aligners. If the aligners are not worn, the treatment will not work. Wearing the aligners for the recommended 22 hours per day (removing them only to eat and brush) provides the fastest results. If you wear the aligners less than 22 hours a day, we will ask that you wear each set of aligners for ten to 14 days rather than seven days. Treatment will take longer, but good results will still be achieved! We have found that explaining the importance of proper aligner wear to patients, and then trusting them to wear their aligners as instructed works well 94% of the time. Parents are often amazed how their children take personal responsibility for their treatment.

3. “Doesn’t Invisalign cost more than braces?”

Another good question. Many providers charge more for Invisalign treatment. Why, you may ask. Firstly, Invisalign charges the provider a lab fee to manufacture the aligners at the start of treatment. Secondly, Invisalign cases require more work. The entire treatment plan must be mapped out from the beginning. It’s easy to see why most providers charge more for Invisalign. Spillers Orthodontics, however, does not charge more for Invisalign treatment. Though more work is required up front, Dr. Spillers and Dr. Gordon are so proficient at using Invisalign that we are able to offer our patients the same fee for Invisalign that we do for braces.

4. “Is it true that Invisalign treatment takes longer?”

In our opinion, one of the greatest perks of Invisalign technology is shorter treatment time. Invisalign aligners encompass the entire tooth to aid with movement, rather than just moving teeth from the front like braces. Also, we can be more efficient with tooth movements by deciding which teeth need to be moved and only moving those teeth. If Invisalign clear aligners are worn as prescribed, treatment time will be shorter than with metal braces.

5. “Is Invisalign only for easy cases?”

This may have been true 15 years ago. However, Invisalign technology has improved tremendously, and our doctors are the most experienced in the area in treating all types of cases using Invisalign. Now a very viable orthodontic treatment option, Invisalign can be used to treat some cases that cannot be treated with traditional metal braces. Like braces, Invisalign is a tool to move the teeth and correct the bite. If you put the tool in the right hands, it will work beautifully.

At Spillers Orthodontics, every patient is a candidate for Invisalign treatment. However, both Dr. Spillers and Dr. Gordon will always give you the option to choose between braces and Invisalign treatment. We want the very best for you.

As the top Invisalign orthodontists in Warner Robins and Macon, we want everyone to feel confident about their smile. Countless people begin Invisalign treatment every day and end up with beautiful smiles and healthy, functional bites.

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